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About JJGrowGuide


Our Mission

JJGrowGuide wants you to enjoy the best quality marijuana, at a fraction of the cost, by teaching you to grow your own supply

Our Strategy

We encourage individuals to start legal grow operations for their personal benefit.

We enable individuals to grow the best strains by sharing our genetics collection.

We assist individuals to establish a unique grow operation that is right for their needs and situation.

We guide individuals through the grow process to ensure the final product is supreme.

Our Background

JJGrowGuide was founded by two brothers (J & J) who grew up on the East Coast and come from diverse backgrounds.  

With over a decade of growing experiences including; Indoor, Outdoor, Discrete Grow Operations, Micro Grow Operations, Large Scale Farming Operations, Cloning, Cross-Pollination, Ice Water Hash making and Rosin pressing, and with a passion for teaching others, we decided it is time to share what we know and love with you.


Strain Skunkxxx, Grown By: JJGrowGuide

Our Vision

We are working to create a community of self-sufficient, independent marijuana growers, who constantly innovate to create & grow new exotic strains, educate and guide others, and contribute to the normalization of legally growing your own supply

Strain: Grape Mints, Grown By: JJGrowGuide

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